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Nicole Brodie

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My mission is to empower women to love themselves from inside out so they can live an extraordinary

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About Me

Nicole is an experienced coach who has created online fitness programs, run her businesses, worked corporate all whilst managing motherhood and helped 100s of people transform their health and mindset using holistic practices, she has been featured in Shape Magazine, Bustle, Popsugar and countless blogs and went through her own struggles with infertility (now a mother to twin toddler boys and a 9 year old daughter).

This is not your average coaching. Nicole uses her healing abilities which have been developed with years of Reiki, Meditation and practice to bring to you during the coaching.

Nicole creates a feeling of love and belongingness to her clients, using her inner intuition and proven methods that take one on a journey to self-discovery, awareness and unshakeable self-love. After that, anything is possible.

Why You Should Join Us Today

Be part of the mission to impact the lives of 100,000 women globally. To be in a space of positivity and support where we uplift each other and share the same mission which is to live a life that fulfills our true potential.

Thank You

Thank you for being here, if it's not for you this mission is not possible. You are a massive part of the change for women to be more confident, love themselves and live a happy life. Why? because when one woman makes the change, they can share that with others.